Dr. Sarah B. Sneed
Licensed Psychologist and Leadership Coach
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Location Matters

Dr. Sneed's office is thoughtfully located and organized around providing convenient, practical support for parents and family leaders.

Convenient to work, schools, and home communities in the Wyndam corridor of Glen Allen, you will appreciate the ease of integrating meetings into your full schedule. 

The Children's Waiting Room

Busy parent? 
Coming for regular consulting or therapy visits is a genuine challenge for people who care for young children. Responding to the particular needs of these clients, Dr. Sneed maintains a separate children's waiting room within her office suite.

This space is available to help parents find practical solutions, resolve barriers, and get the support they need.


Dr. Sarah Breitbach Sneed
Licensed Psychologist and Leadership Coach

Off Nuckols Road near Twin Hickory and Innsbrook
301 Concourse Boulevard
Suite 227
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059